LeetCode 20 – Python 3 (Week 1 – 02)

Solution 1 (Runtime: 40 ms Memory Usage: 13.9 MB)

Tclass Solution:
     def isValid(self, s: str) -> bool:
    #The last character should be the corresponding bracket of the first character, thus, we can use stack.
    #One open bracket must be closed by the same type of close bracket. So, we can use dictionary.

    stack = []
    bracket = {'(':')', '{': '}', '[' : ']'}

    for parenthes in s:
        if parenthes in bracket:

        elif len(stack) == 0 or parenthes != bracket[stack.pop()]: #parenthes != bracket[stack.pop()] or len(stack) == 0 is not right
            return False

    return len(stack) == 0 #All open brackets have same type of close brackets.

Time complexity is O(n). Space complexity is O(n).

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